Taglines For This Site

A Rolling List Of Potential Taglines For This Site, Which Does Not Need A Tagline:
[May Also Be Used As IM Status Messages]
  • I Am Not Married To Katherine Heigl
  • There Is But One E In Kelly
  • What A Tragic Waste of a Perfectly Good Vowel
  • If I Was Going To Add Another Letter To My Last Name, It Would Be Something WAY More Interesting Than E.
  • Baby, You’re Amazing(ly Bad At Spelling Kelly)
  • I’d Sooner Spell It Kellee
  • I Am Not The Singer With The Superfluous E in His Last Name
  • Guys With Extras E’s In Their Last Name Are Weeenies
  • Maybe People From High School Think It IS Me Who Is Famous
  • I Wonder If I Could Get Better Restaurant Reservations If I Cashed In On My Name
  • Okay, Maybe I Shouldn’t Take Such a Hard Line On This Kelley Thing
  • I’m Going To Roll With It; Hand Me The Guitar And The “Knocked Up” DVD.


  • Pull The Ripcord, Effie, The Ants Look Like People From Here!
  • A Paean To Navel Gazing
  • Oft Forgotten, Seldom Updated, Still A Factor
  • This Site Is a Lover, Not a Fighter
  • Not One Of Those Blogs That Should Make You Think “Blahhhhhg”
  • While You’re Giggling, Why Not Cut Me a Check?
  • Practicing Aggressive Transparency
  • Who Died and Left You This URL?
  • Prepare To Give Us Some Money
  • My Favorite Thing To Say Is “Rocky Promontory”
  • It’s Just This Easy
  • The Fact That Anyone Can Have A Blog Means Almost No One Should
  • Many Many Years From Now, When Blogs Are A Thing Of The Pas
  • Uh Uh. We don’t want your hard luck stories. All we want is our money.
  • The Grass Is Always Greener…If You Water It!
  • What Keyword Led You Down THIS Rathole?
  • There’s a Back Button. I Suggest You Use It.
  • We Make The Things That Make Things Get Made
  • Taglines Are For People Who Feel Like They Need Taglines
  • What More Do You Need?
  • Looming Large in the Grand Scheme of Things.
  • Enabling Total World Dominance.
  • You’re Soaking In It.
  • All Comments Must Be Submitted In Writing
  • So Good, I Named It After Myself
  • If I Could Both Run And Hide, Here’s Where I’d Be
  • Finally, A Site With a Tagline
  • Wherever I Go, Here I Am
  • Translated From The Esperanto
  • Mel, Kiss My Grits
  • It’s a Thing To Behold
  • If Life Hands You Lemons, Squeeze Them On a Nice Piece of Fish
  • In Time, You Will Understand
  • I Want An Oompa Loompa NOW, Daddy
  • If There Was A Problem Yo, I’ll Solve It
  • Gunga Galunga
  • Blowing Sunshine And Smoke Up Yours Since 1994
  • Occupying the thin air at the top of the blogosphere
  • Fork over some cash, or direct me to someone who can
  • Everyday low price of admission
  • You Oughtta Know By Now
  • Viva La Sociale Media Revolucion!
  • Updated Thrice Annually, Whether Needed Or Not
  • Oh, You Wanted GOOD Content?

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