Klin Groupe: A Revolutionary New Brand

The Klin Groupe was named for the Russian town of Klin, just north of Moscow. In 2007, they brought a generations-old recipe of six-times filtered, six-times distilled vodka to market in the U.S. and called it Hammer + Sickle. Since then, they’ve added luxury wine and cigar brands to create a burgeoning lifestyle brand family, with a nod to their Russian roots and an uncompromising take on the good life around the world.

That new brand family comes together for the first time in a series of websites, each with its own unique and complementary brand look, content style, and all bound to the same core centrally-managed data platform. Another classic example of how digital branding acts as the cohering approach to overall branding.

The Hammer + Sickle Vodka site establishes Klin’s flagship brand. The billboard-style design, with carefully selected images that emphasize the product’s distilled purity and ad copy headlines, give H+S a unique tone for those who are serious about authentic vodka but like a little Russian wit. The Hammer + Sickle cigars site is dedicated to this “sister” brand in the Hammer + Sickle line.  A “Try Our Vodka” button connects from here back to H+S Vodka.

See the full FINE blog post.

~ by joshuakelly on October 21, 2011.

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