Top 10 Video World Series Reactions

Among the lessons from this year’s transcendent San Francisco Giants World Series victory: let someone else get the footage. Have your experience, and then crowdsource the recap.

At all such public events, look around. How many people are engrossed in their portable devices at the expense of being there? A sea of little screens. Unless you’re in a great spot or truly focused on getting the best video, you can pretty much depend on someone else getting something more viewable and posting it to YouTube. In fact, at the victory parade, you had players video taping fans who were video taping the players – both of them were caught on video by the media.

That said, some of the best reactions are people in their houses.

Instead of offering up my own shoddy Flip cam work, here I “curate” my Top 10 (or so) Crowdsourced Fan Reactions to the San Francisco Giants World Series 2010.

Yancy’s Saloon – Irving Street: A block from my old home. What’s neat about this one is when it starts you think they’re ALREADY celebrating, but no, they haven’t even started. Suitably pandemonious final out footage at 2:10.

Finnerty’s New York City: Seeing this reaction to the final out in NYC makes me think the whole world reacted this way.

Civic Center San Francisco: Here’s exactly where I was. Thanks to whoever shot much better video than I did.

Sea of Flips: This is the best view of the Flipphenomena from the other end of Civic Center. At some point, you have to decide whether you’re going to be some place NOW, or film it and watch it LATER.

Dancin’ in the Mission Street: Not super sure that’s all firecrackers you hear there.

Pete’s Tavern: Solid chanting leading up to the moment at 4:30. Somebody must’ve fallen off the furniture at this one.

Some People’s House: A1:27. Love how at the end, mom says “Back to Homework”

Schertz Lonaker House: If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the Schertz/Lonaker’s know how to party!

Some Dudes: Nice titles. Way to fade out on “finally”.

USF Dorms: Well produced. Though I look to this generation to update me past the 1984 Van Halen soundtrack.

Le Parade

We Are The Champions: Lots of singing on this run. I liked when, like here, it wasn’t always Journey.

MIKE! I love Mike. He lives in L.A., where everything sucks and he must celebrate in solitude. But celebrate he does.

Very Bouncy.

See you next year.

~ by joshuakelly on September 5, 2011.

One Response to “Top 10 Video World Series Reactions”

  1. Thanks for the great post about a truly American phenomenon. You’ve inspired me to post something similar after the Detroit Tigers win the Series this year.

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