Taglines For 2010

2010: Accidently-start-to-write-09-but-only-write-0-then-squeeze-1-before-it http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Accidently-start-to-write-09-but-only-write-0-then-squeeze-1-before-it/284398065707?ref=nf

2010: The Year We’ve Been Rounding Up To Since 2005.

2010: Makes The Current Top 10 For Best Years of The Century

2010: People Who Have -tuplets Will Be Less Popular

2010: For Crying Out Loud, Everybody STOP CHEATING At Stuff

2010: A Year We Will Later Summarize in 140 Characters Or Less

2010: The Year Of Fully Functional Dogs and Fully Operable Kitchens

2010: The Mayans Had Nothing Bad To Say About It

2010: Forget About 2020, The Maximum Acuity Of The Human Eye Is NOW

2010: Let’s Be More Social And Less Media

2010: A Certain Mathematical Symmetry I Can’t Put My Finger On

2010: A Space Iliad

2010: Doing 2009 One Better

2010: 100% Devoid Of Bush Presidency

2010: The Year Advancing Age Will Meet Retreating Waistline

2010: Life Is One Big Rehab

2010: Countdown To Two Thousand Double Toothpicks

~ by joshuakelly on January 14, 2010.

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