Your Turn: 2010

Made to accompany the holiday card from FINE Design Group, the 1-page YourTurn2010 site invites you to share a meta-resolution. I helped with the (hopefully) inspirational copy that greets you:

What Are You Waiting For?

Forget that old cliche about treating each day like your last. Try treating every moment like someone’s trying to stuff you in line at the DMV. Or in your doctor’s waiting room reading a 6-month old copy of TIME and listening to Muzak while the lady next to you hacks contagiously. You know all those things you wish you were doing in these long moments? While they cook your burger? While the traffic light’s frozen red? We dedicate 2010 to doing those things and not just thinking about doing them when you have nothing else to think about. Because it’s not really the fact that sometimes we have no choice but to wait that bothers us; it’s that sometimes we do have a choice and we waste it. It’s not the third of our lives we spend sleeping that’s wrong, it’s all that other time we spend sleepwalking. So we say, pretend this year your number has finally come up!  Step to the front of the line. Do the things you’re called upon to do. Serve yourself. Better yet, serve someone else. But whatever you do, give the time you have on Earth the best service you can. Happy New Year.

~ by joshuakelly on December 22, 2009.

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