Sizzle Is In: Bacon As Metaphor

It may just be coincidental, but I sense a renewed enthusiasm for that old staple of American cuisine, the only meat that’s good at every meal, as a condiment, and perhaps as a men’s fragrance. I speak, of course, of bacon.

Bacon’s surely never been entirely out of style, though various diet trends and movements have likely impacted it as a commodity. But there’s something about the indulgence of it, the comforting nature of it, and the reactionary tendency to embrace it as a nose-thumbing to the nagging culture of vegetarianism or environmentalism, or any kind of ism. It’s good ol’ fashioned bacon. And right about now, I keep seeing indications that it may be the cure for what ails us all. With apologies to the pigs, it almost seems like bacon is a trend.

As the economy flounders and we retreat into simple pleasures, and foods that deliver high calorie to cost ratios, bacon seems more relevant than ever. Visit the Royal Bacon Society site to see the extent of the enthusiasm for “meat candy”. Indeed, watch the inevitable list of 2010 trends for topics where bacon serves as a metaphor.

In closing, I give you yesterday’s launch of the “Save Your Bacon With Norton” campaign (with microsite by FINE Design Group), where those who submit their stories of backup woe are eligible to sooth their aching tech souls with a year’s supply of that most sublime of food products.

[Shout out to the trendwatching bacon-lovers at Symantec, and to the king of all bacon lovers, Bacon Matt at Ste Michelle Wine Estates.]

~ by joshuakelly on December 9, 2009.

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