Cybercriminals Are Scary Monsters

Every generation has its heroes and villains. I’m going to assume that much has been written about the social context for the myths of the vampire, werewolf, mummy, superheroes and their corresponding villains, and all the gory monsters along the way. Today, though, the scariest stuff is the outwardly mundane – the boogie man may still keep the kids up at night, but their parents are more worried about the “quiet guy next door” and some nondescript fella in a faraway country that ends with a -stan who can steal your identity online. If you really want to simultaneously scare, amuse, and educate the folks at your Halloween party, try being a cybercriminal. This handy kit on Norton Today will help, but you may have your own creative ideas about how to represent this silent but deadly scourge and teach people how to deny digital dangers.

~ by joshuakelly on October 26, 2009.

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