Stealth Consulting Project For Nike

I can only say it involves a revolution both in shirts and in retail promotions. I can’t tell you more than that; you might be from Puma.

Oh, alright! I can also tell you all of the names of the promotional ideas. But if you are from a certain Puma-centric athletic apparel company, avert your eyes:
1: Obviously Subliminal
2: Tides
3: 7 Days A Week
4: My New Favorite Shirt
5: Frames or An Instant Classic
6: Shadow Puppets
7: Diorama: The Multi-Tool of Athletic Wear
8: The Grocery Promotion
9: Lose Your Shirt
10: Photo Booth Dressing Room
11: Perma-shirt Syndrome
12: Christo Strikes Again
13: Robot Demo
14: Carnival Booth
15: You To A Tee
16: World Record Shirts
17: Popularity Contest
18: Your First Taste Is Free

~ by joshuakelly on March 1, 2008.

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