Sharpen Your Self-Promotion

Sharpen YOURSELF, Why Don’t You?

This tube full-o custom pencils, each with its own clever quip (what would a pencil say if it could talk), accompanied by a booklet of creative challenges won PRINT Magazine’s Award for Best Self-Promotion 2007.

Sharpen Your Self-Promotion
The pencil quips are as follows:

Side 1: (on all pencils)

Side 2 (31 custom quips):

1. strategy + design + technology
2. License to daydream.
3. A magic wand that really works.
4. Sometimes good design is ugly.
5. Less is more only when more is no good.
6. Works better when plugged in.
7. You cannot not communicate.
8. Good, fast, cheap. Pick Two.
9. 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.
10. New thinking solves old problems.
11. Erasing is overrated.
12. The pencil is plotting its comeback.
13. It does pencil out.
14. Vehemently eschew obfuscation.
15. Grownups should have play dates.
16. We should all be so lucky.
17. Life is a test. Bring a #2 pencil.
18. Write a letter.
19. What would DaVinci do?
20. Quick! Write that down!
21. Doodling will never be obsolete.
22. Sharpen yourself, why don’t you?
23. Do you remember cursive?
24. So Refreshingly analog
25. Apparently, only minds boggle.
26. Release the masterpiece within.
27. Show | Tell
28. This won’t hurt a bit.
29. I wish I could draw.
30. What you get is what you see.

~ by joshuakelly on July 2, 2007.

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