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There is much grand copy throughout, but here’s the list of rotating quips on the home page (find the ! – the world’s worst hidden Easter egg):

  • What is white wine if not red wine that does not happen to be red?
  • We live wine. To clarify, living wine includes drinking it.
  • Every sip a winner.
  • Don’t believe in miracles? Drink this wine while remembering it grew on nothing but dirt and water.
  • You know what’s just wrong? The fact that the words wine and whine sound the same.
  • Perfect compliment to an empty wine glass.
  • Jugglers turn out balanced wines.
  • If we said it paired well with pears, would the world explode?
  • Sing to grapes. They’ll appreciate it even if you’re not so good.
  • The official wine of drinking wine.
  • Love potion, panacea, magic elixir. Call wine what you will, but don’t say it doesn’t exist.
  • Mean people are not allowed to touch our barrels.
  • Red wine is always red. But white wine? Never white!
  • Pause to consider that you may have been this wine in a past life.
  • You can buy our wine if you promise not to waste a drop.
  • They were all excited about the gold around here until the grapes started growing.
  • Goes well with your fancy gourmet meal, or your best intentions.
  • You may already be in love with this wine.
  • Purple hair makes for bolder, more colorful reds.

Montevina Quip

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